[FREE] Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives in June 2020

Law enforcement companies and hosting providers always take down the free streaming sites. Just like forever and ever favorite putlocker. So what a user can do if their best top streaming site is not working now.

Most of the torrent sites like Ocean of Movies, Hubflix, etc., provide people a gateway to their portal, and facilitate then with the immense movie collection with the option to download them. Still, most famous of all and top site is Putlocker, which is the first site in the list of best streaming websites that allow access to free movies.



Don’t certify your popcorn only yet! I tested forty-eight (48) leading streaming sites for safety, usability, and speedOnce after the careful review and ranking knowledge streaming catalog size, content, and quality, I’ve place along with a listing of the ten best free Alternatives to Putlocker.

Before further proceeding, remember: As convenient as it seems, the free streaming sites mostly contain viruses and Trojan, which inevitably risks to your privacy and safety.


 Most of the sites use the traps created by the Hackers to catch user’s privacy and to play with it trying to find the most recent movies or shows and instead steal your cash or knowledgeThe simplest way to keep you safe from such attacks is a VPN, a code that disrupts cyberattacks and following by concealment your location and browser activity.


 No one is going to be ready to catch or extort you, and you will also enjoy faster streaming – since ISPs won’t be able to throttle your activity. My tests showed many VPN provide the best performance for streaming.The wrong site may have many serious consequences to provide such kind of website make sure to read the below article about the putlocker alternative.


1. Solarmovie

  1. Solarmovie A very well design website for both desktop and mobile users. Provide you more perk after registration.

2. Los movies

  1. Los movies Having massive catalogs for international level movie titles, dramas, and seasons.including the subtitles of the bunch of movies.

3. Fmovies

  1. Fmovies Very glossy website has uncluttered design, and a search function makes it easy to use and understandable.

4. 1337x

  1. 1337x: One of the famous and well-known torrent sites. Provides you the best of every filed related information, especially TV dramas, movies, and Series.

Best putlockers Alternatives Currently working Analysis [June 2020]

The following are the top alternatives to Putlocker, which are well designed and convenient to navigate, with tons of links to addictive streaming content. We are guaranteed you to find something great to watch on these websites.


This platform provides you the most extensive streaming library other than other sites on this list. 123Movies is an excellent site.

Straightaway, I prefer and like this site because of well-ordered, uncluttered symmetry. It found to be very convenient to use.

As its name advises, it is suitable for movies. Considering as a streaming site, it satisfies everyone. Furthermore, to film, it also provides a massive collection of live-action shows—comprising western hits and Asian dramas—and cartoons as well. It even has a big catalog of anime.


123Movies permits you to categorize shows and movies alphabetically, following release year or by the views watch number. It makes it very easy to find out what you want to watch.

No registration is required to start watching. Also, the good thing is that it has very few adds rather than other streaming websites.


One of the main downsides of this platform is its searching function, which had some glitch makes a little bit disturbance in searching for some news. Nevertheless, the site’s benefits more than rather than this downside, making it the best alternative of putlocker.


2nd platform, which I wish to mention is Popcornflix. It provides a vast library of well-known movies as well as some countless hidden gems. This site considered one of the best alternatives to Putlocker when it comes to the selection of films. Unfortunately, you won’t find TV shows here.


It offers an impressive variety of movies, so finding something you will like is not challenging. Additionally, according to recently released hits, Popcornflix is a great place to find free videos.


Another good factor is the searching method popcornflix .the searching method is very good and easy to use for categorical searching.


Popcornflix is 2nd best recommendation if you want to plan on streaming on your Android or iPhone. Popcornflix is also optimized for mobile layouts as well as desktop devices.


Very few know about this website, SolarMovie is one of the free most excellent streaming sites out there. Despite the name, these sites provide you both movies and TV shows to offer.


I was mesmerized with SolarMovie’s well-organized design and correctly categorize searching function It featuring arranged website design without any distractions to messed up your screen.


You can filter the content according to your desired content, most viewed, and high rated. You can see the IMDB status of movies, which is a convenient feature.


No Sign up is required, but registration can make able to requests for more content you’d like to see. You can save your streaming favorites as well as a list of your favorite content for easy access.

One of the downsides is its catalog, which is not much significant.

Los Movies

Another excellent free streaming site is Los Movies, which offers a broad diversity of movies and TV shows from the provided catalog.


The vast collection of international content on this site nominates it as the biggest highlight. You will find hundreds of pages of international movies and shows in their original language. Content is available with subtitles in most of the foreign languages.


During browsing, you are sorting the results by date, rating, release date, and more. The homepage also features the latest trending content to get you started. Los Movies also has a purposeful search bar to help you find what you are looking for.


The downside of Los Movies is the enormous digit of pop-ups that I come across on the site. What if we are planning to visit Los Movies, I recommend first connecting to a VPN.


Another great site for movie lovers. Fmovies has a unique interface and a user-friendly layout. The homepage features a simple design that’s minimal, perfect for those of us who get overwhelmed by cluttered screens.


Fmovies’ best feature is its excellent search function, making this free streaming site a great option if you’re looking for a specific film.


Like most sites on this list, Fmovies allows you to sort various categories to find what you’re looking for. You can check out movies by genre, most recently added, and most-watched.

I ran into some ads on this site, but they were infrequent enough that it wasn’t a huge nuisance.


The incredible thing about GoMovies is that it lets the user choose between two different homepage designs. The default homepage is without any clutter and features a well-designed search function.


Besides, a single button takes you to the old site’s layout. Which is better for browsing when you haven’t decided whatever you want to watch. You are quickly sorting out movies by trending, most viewed, and IMDb rating.


An additional unique feature is the night mode of GoMovies when you turn on this mode, the site switches to a dark- design color that is perfect for late-night movie entertainment.




The site MoviesJoy frequently updated with new hits and has a working search bar at the top of its homepage helps you find your favorite TV shows and movies. One of the best features is sowing fewer ads than most other free streaming sites.


Find out many international films and foreign dramas on this website is rare in case, but it has an extensive library of US content. If US content is what you are looking for, you will undoubtedly find it here.


MoviesJoy platform has an attractive layout making it is easy to navigate and works pretty well on mobile.


AZMovies is best for its services. It provides a considerable number of links for each title. Unfortunately, If you come across a dead link, do not worry, you will always find another working relationship.


The site loading speed is rapid and has a familiar interface. Little buffering I usually see whenever I used to stream HD movies on it. As the name suggests, AZMovies itself is best for movies. However, you can find links to its partner site NOXX to browse TV shows.


My biggest complaint is that its homepage layout is cluttered. It took me a minute to orient myself and navigate the site successfully. There are also consistent pop-up ads when you click on many of the links.

Yes! Movies

As compared to other sites, Yes! Movies do not have the most extensive catalog list, but for a solid choice for finding exciting new films and TV series, it is very authentic.


In specific, great hidden gems and unique categories, Yes! Movies offers. The catalog comprises several documentaries with many exciting movies and TV shows, which can be harder to find on some free streaming sites.


Functional features of Yes! Movies are its attractive web design and decent options for sorting through content. The homepage mainly focused on a search bar, but you can also sort it by categories or IMDb ratings.

Watch Series Online

 You are tired of facing difficulties in finding out your favorite TV shows and Series. Also, looking for other sites, there is a good chance you will find it on Watch Series Online.

You would not find out movies here. This site offers tons of TV shows with complete seasons and episodes. There are multiple mirrors provided, so there is usually at least one working link.

This site is not in a higher rank because I come across lots of ads that are sometimes restricted with my ability to stream.



What is Putlocker?

“Putlocker refers to various online file hosting index websites used for streaming entertainment media, particularly films and television series, for free. The initial website originated in the United Kingdom as early as 2011, and grew to receive millions of daily visitors after the shutdown of Megaupload.” ( Wikipedia )

What happened to Putlocker?

“In May 2016, the website was blocked in the UK by a High Court order and at its peak before a temporary closure in late 2016, Alexa Internet listed Putlocker as ranking among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide. Putlocker has been reported by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as a major piracy threat.”( Wikipedia )

How to download from putlocker?

unfortunately, the website is down so you can’t download from the putlocker but you can use its alternative to download from them. All are given above in the summary tab.

Why is putlocker offline

Putlocker was shut down due to Uk High Court Order in 2016. Because it was reported by the Motion pictures association.

What is the new putlocker

There are many Putlocker Alternatives that Serves as the new putlocker like 123Movies, Poprcornflix, SolarMovie.They are the New putlocker.

How to download putlocker movies?

Just go to the website its alternative website and you will be able to download the movies directly without any problem.

How to watch movies on putlocker

Unfortunately, that is no longer an option as the website is offline or not working So you won’t be able to watch movies on putlocker but you can watch on its alternative websites.

How to watch movies on putlocker?

As putlocker is not working. You can visit the Alternative website Summary in the Above article and just go the websites and search your favorite movies and click on it. You will be redirected to the movie page where you can watch a movie without any issue.